Paddy Kenny's Bar

Paddy Kenny's Bar is an integral part of Kenny's Pub. Named after the founder and owner of Kenny's it remains as his legacy. A quiet traditional place where patrons both young and old can enjoy a cold pint of Guinness. The bar is decorated with photos of Paddy Kenny, his family and customers near and dear to them. A selection of these black and white photos can be seen below. 

“Pub Spy claimed back in 1980 that he would do well to find a nicer pub in Lucan and we’re still of the same opinion today”
— Pub Spy, Sunday World, May 2014


Kenny's Pub was original called the Vesey Arms Inn as it was in close proximity to Vesey park. The rather large establishment doubled as a home and business to the Kenny family. The pub has been in operation for over 47 years and is ingrained in the Lucan Community. 


Paddy and Kathleen acquired the pub in 1969. Today the bar remains a small, quiet and traditional area customer can enjoy their drinks. It is decorated with sports memorabilia both new and old, photos of our customers and at Christmas time it turns into Santa's Grotto! We serve everything that the main lounge does including food and bar snacks, though many will argue the Guinness from the bar is best. 


Paddy and Kathleen Kenny